5th & 6th Class

The Opening function will start on Saturday 1st June – Monday 3rd June 2019 for all participants and at Gormanston Park indoor centre.

On the day, coaches will collect their teams goodie bags. In the goodie bag there will be a tournament programme and PSI nik nak items.

Dinner will be served at 7pm (time TBC)

There will be an Exhibition match between two top quality All Stars teams made up from a combination of Ireland and European players. There will be many top hockey stars in action.

Participants will be accommodated at Gormanston Park hostels.

Participants can book in from 8am.

FLIGHT TRAVELERS arriving on the 31st can check in from 17:00

The hostel is directly opposition the indoor venue.

Bedding is provided

Dorm, double and single rooms

Free Wifi

FLIGHT TRAVELERS arriving on the 31st will be collected at the airport and transported to Gormanston


All hockey will be played at Gormanston Park indoor centre. We will be setting up 4 indoor courts during the tournament. Other venues in the area will be used if need be.

Over the event, we are expected to play approximately 200 games. Each team will play a minimum of 6 matches over the event. For Year 2 we will only have an A section. however, this will be confirmed once final team entries have been received. Club owners are welcome to select an A and B team for the event.

We will formalise Pools and fixtures which will be uploaded onto the website www.psihockey.ie  – Showdown 2019 as soon as they are final (+- 2weeks prior to the tournament)


Sleep IN players will receive breakfast x 2 (Sunday & Monday)

The breakfast will be served at Gormanston Park eating hall from 06h30 and end at 09h00.


All Sleep IN and Sleep OUT participants will receive packed lunches x 3 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

A fresh sandwich, muffin, chocolate and a snack (popcorn, cookie or chips etc.) will be supplied in a brown bag. Lunches will be delivered to the various venues and coaches will need to collect for their teams each day from the Venue Manager.


Sleep IN participants will receive 2 x dinners (Opening function & Sunday)

Sleep Out participants will receive 1 x dinner (Opening function)

An opening dinner will be provided on Friday at the opening function.  The opening function will start at 18h45 and dinner will be served at approximately 19h00. (Please note, time TBC) Sleep IN players will also receive a burger meal on the other evening which will be served at Gormanston Park indoor centre.


Tuck shops

There will be tuckshop at Gormanston Park to purchase burgers, pancakes, coffees, coffees, chips, cool drinks, chocolates etc.

Dietary requirements need to be submitted prior to the event for Halaal, kosher or wheat free participants.  It is the Club owner’s responsibility to send this information to head office by 7th May 2019. (4 weeks prior to the tournament).

PSi not only gives you a great platform to express yourself on the court but allows you to watch some of the best indoor players in world hockey. As a young player there is no doubt you can learn by watching these stars live in action.

On Saturday 1st June at 14hoo we will be hosting a Women’s All Stars Series with top hockey stars from Europe. This would be this is an amazing opportunity for the kids to watch and learn from the best players indoor players in the world.

Having International hockey role models such as the likes of Lena Lindstrom, Sophie Bray and Donja Zwinkels, are so important to inspire the future stars of tomorrow.

This has become a massive attraction for PSi.

There will be a separate panel of dedicated umpires and they will be well briefed on the event rules and expected standards. Rob Abbot will be managing the umpires during the event.

For travelling umpires, PSI will cover their accommodation, land transport and meals.  We are limiting this to 14 travelling umpires on a first come, first serve bases.